Why Peach Code Software

Business Expertise

Our customers are business people. They are managers in companies, or entrepreneurs starting new ventures. They have a requirement for custom software, but that software must fit into their business, and must meet the business goals. Most software developers have an unfortunate reputation for being a little isolated from the business world – but Peach Code is not a normal development company. Over the years we’ve been in business. We’ve developed a complete accounting systems for clients.

Strong Systems Team, and Database Expertise Too

Delivering a modern software system requires more than just development expertise – you often need to think about firewalls, databases and system security. Peach Code has an in-house systems administration team, with full Windows expertise. We also have very strong DBA skills on DBiSAM & SQL Server. Having all these skills in one team eliminates communication problems that can occur when multiple companies are involved – and gives us a wider view of possible solutions.

The Customer Benefit

On all new projects, we always consider the business issues as well as the development issues.
For internal systems within companies, this might include human-factors considerations – will the system really deliver the benefits hoped for? Are there ways to make the system more effective within the organisation? Often, we identify requirements that the system proposers have not considered.
For new products, we can advise customers on issues such as search-engine optimisation, product pricing and localisation into foreign languages.

Technical Management – with Business Skills

All Peach Code managers – including the MD – are developers – but also have strong communication and business skills. This rare combination of skills is at the heart of our process: it allows us to ask the right questions of customers early in the design process, which makes our proposals more accurate, and means our solutions fit customers’ needs more accurately.
And because our management team is highly technical, the whole company is stronger: it’s easier for us to inspire talented developers to join the company, and we’re more aware of the key technology trends so we can better advise our customers.

Deep Technical Expertise

Modern development tools have made systems development easier and faster – and new tools arrive every year. But we see a slight disadvantage: programmers are insulated from the details of how the computer systems really work. Most of the time, this does not matter – but occasionally technical problems appear that cannot be solved without digging deep into the system. In these situations, Peach Code depth of expertise becomes invaluable.
Peach Code deep technical skills sometimes allow us to find innovative solutions to problems that less technical developers might miss. We’re always happy to provide advice on a confidential problem, and welcome a challenge.