Application Development

Whether your software product is only at the concept stage, or you have a fully documented specification, you can be confident that with Peach Code you will be in safe hands.

Peach Code product development service gives clients the benefit of ‘on-demand’ technical expertise to help them build products they can market and distribute themselves. We offer a wealth of experience in the design and development of standalone or shrink wrap applications and online products, and we combine online and offline technologies to deliver the best of both worlds.

Creating software programs that will be installed and used by thousands – or millions – of people brings special requirements:

  • The product often needs to be designed to work on multiple versions of Windows.
  • Security is a big consideration – most major companies now impose strict rules on how software can be installed, and the
  • software installation program must work reliably in all cases.
  • Upgrades and updates must be planned for – the program may need a special “check for updates” function.
  • Testing of the software demands a lot of attention to ensure reliability.
  • Copy protection should be considered.
  • Standalone or Client Server Applicaton
  • User Control Administration
  • Automatic Backup Management

Most general software development companies have little experience of these issues. Most will have the skills to write the core application – but without the experience of actually releasing an application, the issues above are likely to be overlooked.
We know custom software. Our exceptionally deep knowledge of custom software development means we’ve never had a project fail.
Whether you need a standalone Windows application, Web application, custom database, cross-platform development, or the creation of new software-based products or services, Peach Code can help with free advice and a detailed quote for custom software. We also have a number of I.T. Consultancy and Specialist Services.
we understand the commercial needs of modern businesses and how custom software can be used to improve performance and profitability.

Our industry sector experience includes:

  • Point of Sales (POS)
  • Warehouse & Stock Management
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Wholesale/Retail Management
  • E-Commerce (including international purchasing systems)
  • Medical
  • Education
  • And numerous others.